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The Wheel of Modern Leadership Part 2: Communication

In the second installment of The Wheel of Modern Leadership series, we continue to examine the timeless traits that form a foundation for contemporary leadership. As the Founder & President of FORTIS Resource Partners, a staffing firm that caters to a diverse range of industries, I am passionate about leadership and its many nuances. I […]


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The Wheel of Modern Leadership: 7 Timeless Traits of Success

If you’re anything like me, the current state of the world probably has you scratching your head, wondering how to respond to it. We have a job market in a constant state of flux, with some sectors seeing record employment and others experiencing drastic layoffs. We have the rise of artificial intelligence, which inspires either […]


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Telling Your Story

As Malcom Gladwell claims in his book The Tipping Point, you become an expert at anything if you do it 10,000 hours. I’ve got that in spades when it comes to listening to people’s stories. Part of my role as both a coach and a professional in the staffing industry is engaging with people daily about their life […]


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Does Work from Home, Work?

What will it take for an employer to feel comfortable with a remote or work from home arrangement in the long term (post Covid–19 world)? At FORTIS, we have been having conversations about this topic for weeks. We, like many companies were launched to a work from home setting (for all team members) overnight. A […]


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A Letter to the Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020, I want to congratulate you for earning your degree and finishing school strong. Transitioning to virtual classes is probably not how you anticipated your final semester going but you have adapted and are near the finish line. The last semester before graduation can be a hectic time between group projects, activities, […]


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Four Tips for Virtual Interviewing

The world as we know it has changed and technology is playing a huge part in connecting people to each other. Companies are replacing their in–person interviews with virtual interviews to keep everyone safe and healthy. This shift changes the way that companies and candidates interact, as well as the onboarding process as a whole. […]


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Team–Building: Outings and Projects to Encourage Harmony Among the Team

Team–building exercises allow you to get everyone in the team involved in light–hearted activities that build rapport and the members’ abilities to work together. They also allow for a little good–natured competition in many cases, keeping the competitive spirit alive. Team–building exercises also allow for a light–hearted way to overcome struggles within your team. When […]


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All I Want for Christmas Is a New Career

Have you been naughty or nice this year? The holiday season, despite its colorful decorations and cups of cheer, can be more than a bit stressful, especially if you’re in the market for a new career. Whether you’re not working at the moment or you’re looking to switch into something more suiting to your lifestyle, […]


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Multiple Offers: Making the Choice

You got the call: the company you interviewed with has made an offer of employment. But wait — you just received the email from another company offering employment. How do you choose the correct company when you’ve received more than one offer of employment? It can be a delicate game of juggling the pros and […]


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