A Letter to the Class of 2020

by Kira Bruno on May 7, 2022


Dear Class of 2020,

I want to congratulate you for earning your degree and finishing school strong. Transitioning to virtual classes is probably not how you anticipated your final semester going but you have adapted and are near the finish line.

The last semester before graduation can be a hectic time between group projects, activities, and that looming stress of landing a job. I want to share some advice on starting that new chapter in life from my perspective as a recent graduate and Staffing Manager.

Woman using laptop.

1. Network

Building relationships and connecting with other people is so important. Grow your network and stay connected with those people. Get involved in alumni groups on social media platforms, stay in touch with old classmates and professors, and engage with people in the field or industry you are interested in. Put yourself out there and see what kind of opportunities will come your way.

2. LinkedIn

Networking is made easier through LinkedIn. As a recruiter, I use LinkedIn daily and I am constantly connecting with people. Here are 4 easy, but important, steps to follow to ensure your LinkedIn profile is career ready.

Step One: Upload your most recent resume

Step Two: Update your profile image with a professional photo of yourself

Step Three: Mark yourself open to opportunities (hyperlink this to a how to on LinkedIn)

Step Four: Consistently engage with other users in messages and on posts

3. Stay Patient

Don’t be too hard on yourself and avoid setting goals that are unrealistic. When I graduated I had this idea of finding a role immediately after graduation. The job hunt and search took me the whole summer, but once I found my role at FORTIS, it was worth it. With the pandemic going on right now, it’s important to be patient, give yourself grace and accept that the process may take longer than expected.

4. Keep an Open Mind

Finding a role doing exactly what you went to school for can be challenging. While it is very possible to find the right role, the process may be long and there may be more competition than you expected. Keep your options open and look into roles that will give you the exposure that you need. If you receive a message on LinkedIn for a role you wouldn’t normally consider, I encourage you to learn more before closing the door. Talk to that person, see what the options are and if it might be a good starting point for you. Who knows? You might even pursue a different path than you expected while in school.

5. Enjoy

Embrace the present and focus on paving the way for your future. You deserve to celebrate your accomplishments, so take the time to focus on what you have achieved. The job market is different from previous years and the process you encounter will be different than what has been experienced before. You will get through this and may even teach the rest of us a thing or two in the process. This may be a significant hurdle for you to overcome now, but I am hopeful you will look back on this season grateful for the valuable lessons you learned through it.

I hope you find this information useful and wish you the best in your job search. FORTIS Resource Partners is here to assist you on your journey and watch you flourish.

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