Team–Building: Outings and Projects to Encourage Harmony Among the Team

by Kira Bruno on December 15, 2014


Team–building exercises allow you to get everyone in the team involved in light–hearted activities that build rapport and the members’ abilities to work together. They also allow for a little good–natured competition in many cases, keeping the competitive spirit alive. Team–building exercises also allow for a light–hearted way to overcome struggles within your team.

When team–building exercises cross your mind, you may have a lot of questions. Don’t think about it too much; team–building exercises can be just about any type of game or activity where small groups “battle” each other to win.

Quite frankly, almost any game can be turned into a team–building exercise. A game of charades can get people laughing and talking, and let’s be honest: sometimes a little laughing and hilarity can really lighten the mood around the office! Other ideas include bingo, Pictionary, and hangman. While they may seem like children’s games, they are simple ways to bring smiles and cooperation among team members.

If games strike your fancy, small rewards make it all the better for the participants. Prizes don’t have to be huge, nor are they always necessary (let’s face it, winning is a prize in itself!). Lunch on the house for the winning team or an early departure on a Friday are two examples of prizes that may boost the competition a bit more.

Outings can also prove effective. Many companies offer team–building retreats or activities, ranging from obstacle courses to planned events. A golf scramble may suit the interests of most of your team, or a visit to an arcade–style venue may pique the curiosity of your workers.

Team–building exercises bring a fun way to boost creativity and cooperation, while giving a “non–work” feel to a definitely work–related project.

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