Four Tips for Virtual Interviewing

by Kira Bruno on May 1, 2020


The world as we know it has changed and technology is playing a huge part in connecting people to each other. Companies are replacing their in–person interviews with virtual interviews to keep everyone safe and healthy. This shift changes the way that companies and candidates interact, as well as the onboarding process as a whole.

Common virtual interview platforms include:

What is the difference between in–person and virtual interviews?

The short answer to this question is: not much!

Virtual interviews definitely have a different dynamic to them; however, they have a lot more in common with an in–person interview than one would think. Hiring Managers will still be taking note of attire, punctuality, eye contact, and nonverbal cues. Additionally, they will expect you to do research on the company and have questions prepared.

One of the most notable differences between virtual and in–person interviewing is technology. While technology keeps us connected in so many ways, the biggest downfall is that technology can fail. It is important to test your equipment prior to the interview, and most of all, have a back up plan.

Here are my [four tips] for virtual interviews:

  1. Set yourself up for success by finding a quiet space with good lighting that is free from interruptions
    1. Have you been working from home and the gardeners come around or your neighbor starts blasting music? It happens. Set yourself up in a place where you know you can be free of noise with good lighting for the interview.
  2. Test your equipment before the interview to ensure the internet, audio, and camera are all working properly
    1. Not all platforms work the same and every computer is set up differently. Testing your equipment before will make you more prepared and allow you to test out any kinks before the interview.
  3. Dress for success! Business professional attire is highly recommended for any interview
    1. Everyone wants to feel comfortable working from home and that includes attire. Dressing the part for an interview not only shows the company you mean business, but it also boosts confidence!
  4. Make sure your phone is on silent and that there is nothing on your computer or phone that could cause you to lose focus
    1. A message or call popping up on your computer or phone can take your focus off of the interview for even one second. This can cause you to lose your train of thought and allow the interviewer to notice the distraction. Keeping focus on the interview is respectful and allows you to show your best self.

A virtual interview is just as important as an in–person interview. Virtual interviews are here to stay, let’s embrace it!

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