All I Want for Christmas Is a New Career

by Kira Bruno on December 8, 2014


Have you been naughty or nice this year? The holiday season, despite its colorful decorations and cups of cheer, can be more than a bit stressful, especially if you’re in the market for a new career. Whether you’re not working at the moment or you’re looking to switch into something more suiting to your lifestyle, winter’s cheer–covered stressors may start to take you over.

Companies in the retail and food service world hire extensively throughout the holiday season and just prior to it, but what about your career field? Yes, they’re hiring too, although maybe not as pronounced as shops in the mall and big–box retailers.

The holiday season and New Year’s Day bring a lot of change to several companies. People set new goals for themselves and start looking for ways to improve their careers and vacations are imminent this time of year. This sets you, the job seeker, up for some great possibilities.

Long vacations take place around the holiday season as staff gets ready to travel to see friends and family across the country. This is ideal for you if you’re in the market for a temporary position at a firm or business you’ve had your eye on. Temporary positions help you get your foot in the door, give you the chance to build relationships in the company, and also give you an opportunity to boost your resume with new experience. Staffing firms that specialize in your field can aid you in finding the perfect company to spread your wings.

And despite winter’s chill over most of the country, many companies are still growing and seeking out exceptional new talent to add to their teams. A New Year brings resolutions of losing weight, making more money and similar goals for individuals, but companies also use the beginning of the year to incorporate change and find ways to improve over last year’s shortcomings (yes, many times this means hiring extraordinary talent!).

In short: while most people may be dreading get out of bed and facing the cold face of winter, you have the opportunity to get out there and prove yourself worthy of a new position at a company looking to hire the best of the best.

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