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Team–Building: Outings and Projects to Encourage Harmony Among the Team

Team–building exercises allow you to get everyone in the team involved in light–hearted activities that build rapport and the members’ abilities to work together. They also allow for a little good–natured competition in many cases, keeping the competitive spirit alive. Team–building exercises also allow for a light–hearted way to overcome struggles within your team. When […]


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All I Want for Christmas Is a New Career

Have you been naughty or nice this year? The holiday season, despite its colorful decorations and cups of cheer, can be more than a bit stressful, especially if you’re in the market for a new career. Whether you’re not working at the moment or you’re looking to switch into something more suiting to your lifestyle, […]


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Multiple Offers: Making the Choice

You got the call: the company you interviewed with has made an offer of employment. But wait — you just received the email from another company offering employment. How do you choose the correct company when you’ve received more than one offer of employment? It can be a delicate game of juggling the pros and […]


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Setting Goals: How to Set Goals in Your Personal and Professional Life

Goal–setting is something everyone does in some way or another. Whether it’s saving for a new car or vacation, or having a five– and/or ten–year professional plan, people have goals. In the workplace, setting goals for the entire team and individuals alike can promote a level of efficacy that surpasses expectations. Setting goals in the […]


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Can We Be Honest? Why Character Counts

Today I am reminded of what it feels like to be honest, or rather, to be on the receiving end of dishonest behavior. Why is it that people have a hard time being honest? What keeps people from being honest with themselves and others? I had an experience yesterday that bummed me out. Frankly, it […]


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