The Wheel of Modern Leadership Part 4: Consistency at Work

by Kira Bruno on December 12, 2023


Welcome back to our series on The Wheel of Modern Leadership. After taking time to meditate on communication and relationship building in previous installments, we’ve arrived at the critical spoke of consistency. It’s the quiet pulse beneath a leader’s journey, often overlooked but vital in steering a career through both calm and tumultuous work environments.

You might not know that I used to ski competitively. My journey in leadership, much like my early forays into that sport, taught me a fundamental truth: more often than not, success is a testament to consistency. It’s not about grand, one-off gestures or sporadic bursts of brilliance. Rather, it’s the steadfast commitment to showing up, day in and day out, with the same vigor, dedication, and purpose.

Let’s examine some of the ways consistency can set the table for success, regardless of what the modern world throws at us.

The Power of Showing Up

Showing up might sound simplistic, but its power cannot be overstated. Whether in the realm of sports, business, or personal life, the act of being present – physically, mentally, and emotionally – sets the groundwork for remarkable achievements. It’s about building a rhythm, a reliable pattern that others can trust and follow.

Navigating Challenges

Leadership, much like life, is replete with challenges. It’s during these times that consistency becomes our anchor. It offers stability and predictability, allowing leaders and their teams to navigate through uncertainties with confidence. The consistent leader is like a lighthouse, guiding ships safely to shore amid the waves.

The Role of Preparation and Attitude

Consistency is more than a schedule; it’s a mindset. Being prepared, armed with knowledge and a positive attitude, transforms the mundane act of showing up into a powerful leadership tool. This approach resonates through an organization, fostering an environment where growth, innovation, and resilience thrive.

Building Trust through Consistent Leadership

In my role at FORTIS, I’ve seen how consistent leadership fosters a sense of reliability and trust within a team. A leader’s steadfast approach to values, expectations, and communication builds a framework where teams feel secure, valued, and understood.

Consistency in Talent Assessment

Talent management is not unlike other professions. When assessing a new candidate, we look for consistency in communication and behavior as key indicators of their potential. A narrative that weaves consistently through a candidate’s career story often signals their reliability and potential for long-term success.

Consistency Across Life’s Domains

The practice of consistency extends beyond professional boundaries. How one exercises consistency in one’s personal life often mirrors their professional approach. It’s about integrating consistent practices in all aspects of life, creating a harmonious balance.

Overcoming Obstacles to Consistency

Procrastination and shifting priorities are common challenges to consistency. Overcoming these requires a shift in mindset. It’s about recognizing the value of consistency and making it a non-negotiable aspect of our leadership practice.

The Risks of Inconsistency

Inconsistency can lead to a breakdown in systems, misperceptions, and a loss of trust—especially in leadership. When leaders fail to maintain a consistent approach, it quickly erodes trust within a larger team. Trouble making decisions or inconsistent communication can create an environment of uncertainty, which leads to a decline in morale and engagement.

Once your employees start to question your competence and intentions, the damage is already done. Do your reputation a favor by reaffirming your dedication to your work and employees each day.

Consistency: A Self-Assessment

If you’ve been reading through this series up until now, you know how much we value self-evaluation at FORTIS. It’s an especially critical aspect of maintaining consistency. A daily reflection on whether our actions align with our goals helps keep us on track. It’s about asking ourselves, “Am I walking my talk consistently?” If you fall short, talk to a mentor about it, or at the very least, list ways you plan to improve week to week.

As we continue our journey around the Wheel of Modern Leadership, let’s acknowledge the pivotal role of consistency. It’s the thread that weaves together our actions, words, and intentions into a cohesive, trustworthy leadership style. In the end, consistency is less about routine and more about the commitment to upholding our values, goals, and visions with unwavering dedication.

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