The FORTIS 2024 Salary Guide is Here!

by Kira Bruno on April 17, 2024


Today marks a major milestone for all of us at FORTIS: the release of our first-ever salary guide, available for immediate download.

Download your copy of the 2024 Salary Guide here

With shifts in industry standards, remote work preferences, and the continuous march of technology, understanding what motivates top talent is more difficult than ever. And for those seeking work, knowing your true value in the talent marketplace can feel like a fast-moving target.

That’s why we created this guide for readers all across California—including Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, and Inland Empire. We designed it to be a comprehensive resource to help you navigate the complex landscape of compensation and hiring trends in the finance, accounting, and human resources sectors. As we read the hiring terrain in 2024, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics that have shaped the job market over the past year and how they’re likely to influence the future. Our guide offers an in-depth look at salary trends, hiring challenges, and the strategic insights you need to stay ahead.

Without entirely spoiling the contents, we feel there are some intriguing trends to consider: while salaries are on the rise, the competition for top talent has never been more intense. There are 1.5 jobs for every job seeker, which suggests an employee-driven market that is pushing companies to rethink their compensation strategies.

The guide also addresses the evolving landscape of employee benefits and work arrangements. With a significant shift towards holistic benefits, employers are looking at more than just salary to keep their workforce engaged and satisfied. From flexible working conditions to health and wellness programs, we explore what employees are really looking for in their roles and how businesses can adapt to meet these expectations.

Ultimately, the FORTIS 2024 Salary Guide is a roadmap for navigating California’s unique world of work. Whether you’re a business leader looking to refine your compensation strategy or a professional seeking to understand your worth in the market, we’ve provided you with the clarity and direction you need to make informed decisions.

Download the FORTIS 2024 Salary Guide today to empower your business or career! 





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