4 Key Factors You Can Control in Today’s Challenging Hiring Market

by Kira Bruno on September 1, 2023


Hiring is a dynamic process that requires agility and adaptability to keep up. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but in today’s climate, you need to move at a faster pace to close the deal on candidates in demand. Even now, with the job market cooling off and reaching what one chief economist describes as “an ideal cruising altitude,” the need for skilled workers remains high. Hiring managers need to move quickly and employ the right recruitment strategies to secure top candidates for their organizations.

When closing the deal on the perfect candidate, there are four key factors hiring managers can control to gain an advantage. Let’s dive in.

Your Knowledge of the Candidate

Start by getting to know the candidate beyond their experience, skillsets, and keywords. As hiring teams increasingly automate resume screenings and score applicants with rubrics, candidates appreciate being treated as individuals rather than just a collection of qualifications. Understanding what motivates an individual and what they are passionate about outside of work can be the difference between closing the deal and getting ghosted. Hiring managers should be on the lookout for what candidates want, what matters to them, and what they value.

You can calibrate the process even further by asking these critical questions:

  • Why are they looking for a job?
  • What is influencing their decision to change jobs?
  • Are they involved in multiple interview processes? If so, how long has it been?
  • Have they interviewed elsewhere, been offered a job, and not accepted? If so, why?

Your Own Transparency

Being open and upfront about the salary and benefits package can help you avoid difficult discussions down the road. Sharing information about the company culture and values can also give candidates a more complete picture of what day-to-day life will be like at your organization. Being transparent from the outset ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of what is expected, which can help build trust and establish a solid foundation for the working relationship.

Your Availability When Communicating

Ghosting has become all too common in today’s professional climate. This lack of communication can be frustrating and demotivating for candidates, especially if they have invested time and effort in the application process. Hiring managers need to be responsive and communicative throughout the hiring process, even if the news is not what the candidate wants to hear. By keeping in touch with candidates and responding to their questions in a timely manner, hiring managers can set a tone of positivity that will last well after the candidate is hired.

Your Urgency When the Time is Right

With multiple offers to choose from, candidates often find themselves in a position of power, and hiring managers need to move quickly to avoid losing their dream talent to someone else. One way to protect yourself is to pre-close on the individual before officially extending the offer. This technique enables you to show the candidate you are interested in them while also gauging their interest in the position. If you extend an offer and they accept, respond within 48 hours to show your commitment and enthusiasm.

Control What You Can!

Hiring managers need to be agile, adaptable, and proactive to secure the best talent in today’s job market. Remember: the people you hire are the lifeblood of your organization, and securing the right talent can make a significant difference to your success. By implementing these recruitment strategies and controlling what you can, you can build a strong, productive team that helps your organization thrive.

Even in today’s uncertain economic conditions, there are things you can control to reach your desired outcome. Reach out to FORTIS Resource Partners today for more help with hiring.

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