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Our client, a prominent service-based business boasting 400 employees across six states, reached out with a pivotal HR challenge. With their corporate hub stationed in California, where the bulk of their workforce resided, there was an essential need to design and institute HR best practices catering to the diverse workforce across different states.



A recently onboarded HR manager discovered a sizable gap in the company’s existing HR framework. She unearthed a daunting list of 30 HR touchpoints that needed attention. Among the paramount needs was the crafting of a comprehensive employee handbook—the cornerstone on which all subsequent standard operating procedures would be founded. The goal? Craft procedures that were not only transparent and precise but also simple to grasp and execute.


Strategy & Execution

Understanding the gravity of the situation, FORTIS tapped into its deep reservoir of talent. We sought an HR professional armed with robust knowledge in compliance and HR best practices. The Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification was also a non-negotiable criterion, ensuring impeccable technical quality.


From our database emerged a candidate who was more than just technically apt; she was a consultant with a track record of brilliance. Her proficiency in communication stood out. She could efficiently manage and set expectations, thoroughly understand the project’s scope, and prioritize tasks seamlessly.


Once she got on board, her results spoke for her. She meticulously constructed the employee handbook, ensuring proper compliance and laying down the foundation for other vital procedures.



What led to the candidate’s success? A multitude of factors, including:


  • Database Efficiency: Having a well-maintained inventory of talent like we have at FORTIS can expedite the solution to almost any problem. The right candidate was already within our reach, enabling a swift response.
  • Holistic Skill Set: Beyond technical expertise, soft skills like communication can make a significant difference. Our chosen consultant showcased this balance perfectly.
  • Customized Solutions: Understanding the unique challenges of a client is paramount. Our client needed HR practices that resonated with a multistate workforce, and FORTIS helped deliver just that with the perfect candidate.


In an ever-evolving corporate landscape, it’s crucial to have processes that not only comply with legal mandates but also align with a company’s ethos. FORTIS found the candidate that fit the bill, underscoring our commitment to providing not just talent, but the right talent to suit existing corporate culture.


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