Finance Managers


Recruitment can pose intricate challenges for companies of all sizes. For example, a global beverage company faced difficulty in hiring two finance managers—one in Southern California and one in Northern California. 



The positions weren’t just about managing manufacturing and distribution finance operations—they required specific industry knowledge catering to the unique manufacturing processes of the plant. This encompassed:


  • Finance cost accounting and talent management
  • Managing labor costs, an area where many falter
  • Overseeing capital expenditures at a high level
  • Identifying and capitalizing on process improvement opportunities, with the aim of boosting the company’s bottom line


Additionally, the ideal candidate needed to integrate seamlessly into an established organization, leveraging soft skills to influence both internal and external stakeholders. Given the company’s ongoing re-organization, this role became even more critical.


Strategy & Execution

Despite the client having tackled three similar roles on the other side of the country, their influence was less pronounced in California. FORTIS stepped in as their long-time trusted recruitment partner. Through our full-fledged recruitment efforts, we identified two suitable candidates in just three weeks. From intake to completion, the entire process spanned five to six weeks.



FORTIS delivered with speed and efficiency, filling the roles in a significantly shorter timeframe than expected.

  • Southern California Role:
    • Search Initiated: March 23
    • Role Accepted: April 7 (15 days after intake)
    • Candidate Start Date: May 2
  • Northern California Role:
    • Search Initiated: March 23
    • Role Accepted: April 14 (22 days after intake)
    • Candidate Start Date: May 9

The numbers speak for themselves. Our success solidified our position as the go-to recruiter for the beverage producer, who continues to trust FORTIS for top-tier finance and accounting roles.


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