Candidate 7

by Phillip on April 11, 2023


After graduating college I was struggling to find a job on my own. I applied to places all over Orange County and had very little luck in finding a job. I reached out to LeeAnn Mets and she was able to help me find a job that I would eventually love doing. Within two weeks of working closely with FORTIS, I began a great job at a great company, and I would not have landed this position without the help of FORTIS. The hiring process was straightforward and that really gave me confidence that I was working with an awesome team. My FORTIS rep has excellent communication and really ensures that she is there if I need anything at all. She checks in with me weekly about the job, and if I have any questions or concerns. I don’t have much experience with other Staffing Partners, however FORTIS did an exceptional job staying in contact with me and assisting in any way they could throughout my entire time with them. All of the faculty at FORTIS have a true passion for helping people find great jobs! I have gained the knowledge of what it is like working in an office setting, and I actually really enjoy it. FORTIS has given me the opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone and explore a new field of work!

– Alexis, Distribution Company, Purchasing Administrator, Huntington Beach

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