Allie Bruno

Senior Executive Recruiter


Allie is a dedicated Senior Executive Recruiter at FORTIS, specializing in helping candidates find their perfect position and assisting clients in discovering untapped talent. A proud University of Oregon alumnus, Allie is known for her strategic, optimistic, and relatable approach to recruitment, which has earned her a loyal clientele.


Outside of her work at FORTIS, Allie’s hidden talents and interests are as diverse as her recruiting skills. She is a closeted chef who loves to cook for friends and family, constantly expanding her culinary knowledge by recreating dishes she has enjoyed from others. Allie also possesses a knack for comedy, effortlessly reading the room and bringing laughter to any situation. In her free time, she loves participating in co-ed beach volleyball, soccer, and kickball teams, exploring new ice cream spots, spending time at the beach with friends, golfing, and catching the latest movie releases. As a child, Allie aspired to be a professional soccer player – a dream that has since evolved into a love for a variety of sports and activities.

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