Recruitment Success Stories

Director of Accounting for Leading Property Management Company


A long-time client of FORTIS, a service provider for homeowner associations, approached us to find their next Director of Accounting. Beyond seeking technical capabilities, they needed someone who deeply aligned with their core values. This company was not just in the business of managing properties but was deeply rooted in managing expectations. With a 14-year track record of delivering spot-on talent for this particular organization, FORTIS was up to the challenge.

The Challenge


The client’s expectations presented something of a moving target. The local talent market was not exactly ripe with high-functioning candidates in their area of need. It was vital to find professionals with transferable skills from diverse fields. And throughout the process, the client asked a recurring question: “Will this candidate fit our culture?” Technical skills were necessary, but the alignment of values with the company was just as important.

Strategy & Execution

Since the market dictated the need to draw complementary skills from other fields, FORTIS zeroed in on a specialized candidate with a background in engineering and architecture, giving her a unique perspective. She had extensive project management experience, and her personality resonated well with the company’s ethos of offering white-glove service to internal and external customers. By all accounts, she appeared to be an invaluable addition to the team. 


FORTIS had already established a successful track record with the client by placing eight of their 15 senior leaders, including the COO. But success is never guaranteed. Thankfully, our candidate for Director of Accounting turned out to be the right choice. It’s not always about technical prowess. Where one works should mirror one’s personal values. This kind of alignment usually ensures longer tenure and greater satisfaction. In the end, the success of recruitment isn’t merely in filling a position. It’s about foreseeing the long-term fit and ensuring that both the company and the candidate thrive together. 

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